1 Million, 2 Million, 3 Million, Floor.

“To succeed in life, you need two things: ignorance and confidence.”

–Mark Twain

Is it pure brilliance or is it just plain obnoxious? A lot of people would argue that the idea of a 20-something year old boy from Wiltshire, England jumpstarting a million-dollar company to pay for his college career, debt-free, is a ridiculous idea; but, it happened, and it happened within a matter of just a few years.

In 2005, Alex Tew, created a website with one-million, 1 pixel-sized spaces. He had a brilliant idea to sell 10×10 pixel block banners for a meager $100 to companies for personal advertisement, eventually leading to an income of one-million dollars; thus generating, The Million Dollar Homepage.

When I first heard about The Million Dollar Homepage, I was immediately thrown to annoyance. Who did this little punk think he was?! Selfishly indulging in a whopping $1,000,000 so that he can avoid the agony of post-college obligations. However, after sorting through the aggravation in my head and the tedious research I soon took on, it dawned on me – this kid’s a genius!

It all started off with an infinitesimal idea from, what I thought was, an ignorant little UK student looking for an easy route out, turning into the third fastest growing site in the world. Tew admits to using his earnings to payoff his bills at University in England, sending his parents on vacation, and of course long-lasting, expensive socks (so necessary and all)… but, I have to give it to him, the boy is smart.

In 2007, Tew’s plan was to keep The Homepage running for at least 5 years with his leftover profit, thriving to make internet history. Well, flash forward to 2010, and according to TechCrunch Europe, Tew has recently gone back to his old ways.  The new website, OneMillionPeople features one million profile pictures from Facebook. In other words, a real “face book”.

You just log in via Facebook, pick where you want your face in the book, drop $3 per face, and pay via PayPal. Cleverly, it’s even that simple to share your position on the page with your very own unique URL.

While this idea may still irk some, along with his frat boy poise that sure still irks me, one thing is left indisputable; this could very well be the new age of income – all bred from one simple innovation. By 2008, The Million Dollar Homepage was completely sold out making Alex Tew a triumphant millionaire. And, who knows, he could soon be 3 million dollars richer by the end of 2010… Crazy.


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2 responses to “1 Million, 2 Million, 3 Million, Floor.

  1. That boy is brilliant. Shall we try our own? :)

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