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A Very Social Royal Wedding

The Royal wedding is set for this Friday, April 29th, and you better bet your bottom dollar it is going to be a social media frenzy. Little girls (myself included) all over will be setting their alarms to 4amET to watch this magical event. Back in 1981, there was an estimated 750 million people worldwide who watched as Diana and Prince Charles exchange vows. Twenty years have gone by and media has gone social!

According to the Hollywood Reporter, for the past couple weeks, online statistics have shown the Royal wedding is getting a new mention every 7 seconds. The article also mentions a 700%+ growth in social media measurement since last month – an these stats will continue to climb as the big day approaches.

Buckingham Palace even says the high focus on social media is “in line with the couple’s wishes to make the wedding as accessible as possible for as many people as want to participate.” Makes me love those two even more.

People will be watching on smartphones, iPads, computers and television screens worldwide. There has even been an advanced Apple application designed to allow users to actually take a virtual walk up the aisle in Westminster Abbey.

Tracking the Royal wedding:
• Find more info on the Official Royal Wedding Website
• Check out the Royal’s photo album on Flickr!
• Follow on Facebook. The The British Monarchy Facebook Page has over 300,000 fans and growing. Add your name to the The Wedding Book Facebook App to wish them a happy marriage.
• Follow @BBCroyalweddingand @ITNroyalwedding on Twitter to keep up with the wedding route from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey. NBC also has @royalwedding for all things Wills and Kate. Also, track the #royalwedding and #rw2011 to engage with other royal wedding fans.
• Download apps: iPhone and Android Apps have appeared dedicated to the wedding, including the official Royal App about past weddings. For a full listing, check out appolicious’s Royal Wedding Android Apps and Royal Wedding iPhone Apps.
• Watch the Royal Wedding route in 3D. Google has has expanded its 3D imagery available via Google Earth to cover the entire royal wedding procession. You can view the procession on YouTube: Royal Wedding Procession in 3D.

How will you be watching the Royal wedding coverage?

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3 eCommerce Phrases You Should Know When Using Social Media

A tool used in industrial business-to-business procurement. It is a type of auction in which the role of the buyer and seller are reversed, with the primary objective to drive purchase prices downward. In an ordinary auction (also known as a forward auction), buyers compete to obtain a good or service. In a reverse auction, sellers compete to obtain business. Used by many purchasing and supply management organizations for spend management, as part of strategic sourcing and overall supply management activities.

Web 2.0:
A trend in World Wide Web technology, and web design, a second generation of web-based communities and hosted services such as social-networking sites, wikis, blogs, and folksonomies, which aim to facilitate creativity, collaboration, and sharing among users. Web 2.0 websites allow users to do more than just retrieve information. They can build on the interactive facilities of “Web 1.0″ to provide “Network as platform” computing, allowing users to run software-applications entirely through a browser. Users can own the data on a Web 2.0 site and exercise control over that data. These sites may have an “Architecture of participation” that encourages users to add value to the application as they use it.

Virtual communities/Community of Practice:
A group of people that primarily interact via communication media such as letters, telephone, email or Usenet rather than face to face. Virtual and online communities have also become a supplemental form of communication between people who know each other primarily in real life. Many means are used in social software separately or in combination, including text-based chatrooms and forums that use voice, video text or avatars. Rheingold’s definition contains the terms “social aggregation and personal relationships” to define a virtual community. The concept of a community of practice refers to the process of social learning that occurs when people who have a common interest in some subject or problem collaborate over an extended period to share ideas, find solutions, and build innovations. It refers as well to the stable group that is formed from such regular interactions.


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