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Super Bowl Ads: A Look Back at the “WASSUPPP!” Campaign

With Super Bowl XLV right around the corner, I decided to take a look back at one of my favorite ads…

WASSSSUPPPPP!? Why “WUSSUP”? Why did Budweiser beer not show up once through this ad? And why is this all acceptable in the advertising world? Well, the answer is simple; Reputation. The Budweiser campaign is designed to maintain popular awareness – to make sure that when a thirsty beer drinker has a choice of beers he will always say, “I’ll have a Bud.”

A product like Budweiser beer has a long-held reputation for being a good beer. Budweiser is the beer that my grandfather drank. Their commercials never make sense or relate to their product, but they are humorous and therefore, they are well remembered. Over ten years ago, you may remember the start of the “WUSSUP!” Budweiser “campaign”. Budweiser began throwing the scream of “WUSSUP!” throughout all of their commercials, and soon enough, people could relate this shout out to the beer itself. A commercial like the “alien-dog” doesn’t need to sell the actual beer. The “WUSSUP” slogan speaks for itself. The slogan is meant to reinforce the “When you want a beer, you want a Bud” conditioning of the beer-drinking public. Budweiser is such an established brand and has such known animal mascots that their commercials can skip the “hard sell” and go right for the entertainment. Continue reading


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1 Million, 2 Million, 3 Million, Floor.

“To succeed in life, you need two things: ignorance and confidence.”

–Mark Twain

Is it pure brilliance or is it just plain obnoxious? A lot of people would argue that the idea of a 20-something year old boy from Wiltshire, England jumpstarting a million-dollar company to pay for his college career, debt-free, is a ridiculous idea; but, it happened, and it happened within a matter of just a few years.

In 2005, Alex Tew, created a website with one-million, 1 pixel-sized spaces. He had a brilliant idea to sell 10×10 pixel block banners for a meager $100 to companies for personal advertisement, eventually leading to an income of one-million dollars; thus generating, The Million Dollar Homepage. Continue reading


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Marketing to the Genders

[Please note: I am no feminist.]

What is gender code? According to general knowledge, gender codes are simply what define a male and what defines a female; boys versus girls, and stereotypically; blue versus pink. Well, what happens when it comes to advertisements and marketing? What happens when there is an invisible line that no one can see, separating these two categories?

I have become aware of the fact that often, some feminists feel that certain advertisements, specifically advertisements geared towards cleaning supplies and common kitchen appliances, are made for women, and women only. This assumption is made because at one time, there was a battle between women’s and men’s specific “roles” as humans. Women’s rights were a huge controversy in the United States, and yes, at one time women were not treated as equals. But, in today’s society, I beg to differ. Of course, as a woman, I am a strong advocate for women’s equality, but from another perspective, as a business gal, being educated in the true concept of marketing and advertising, I believe that women are becoming a huge paradigm in today’s working class. So much so in fact, that I strongly believe that advertisement companies solely base their commercials and ads on who are their top consumers. Continue reading

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Dove Evolution: The Power of Reality

It’s a typical morning before work. I am getting ready while listening to news updates on the television. I am drawn to a haunting image on the screen. Remember this Dove commercial titled “Evolution”? The commercial shows a regular woman being transformed through time-lapsed photography, excessive make-up, and plenty of digital manipulation, to a billboard beauty in a matter of a minute. A “plain” woman, attractive, but by no means beautiful, has her complexion smoothed, her hair lightened and heightened, her eyes made larger and more blue, her faced thinned, and her neck elongated. The resulting image is only vaguely familiar to the young woman who first walked onto the screen. Seeing the news anchor talk about this ad got me doing a little research…

The commercial was a part of Dove’s “Campaign for Real Beauty” back in 2006 and, according to the Dove website, http://www.campaignforrealbeauty.com, was intended to be a vehicle to boost women’s self-esteem. Dove.com claimed the commercial was designed to show that the ‘effortless’ beauty depicted in ads and fashion magazines is not real. But, make no mistake, by persuading the audience to identify with the accepted idea of “real beauty”, Dove is still selling soap!

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