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8 Things Every ‘Marketing Technologist’ Should Know

Recently, I came across an article by Scott Brinker titled, “8 Things Every Marketing Technologist Should Know.”  The article examined the term “marketing technologist”, which is sometimes broadly interpreted as anyone who exerts technology in the field of marketing. However, since Brinker believes everyone in marketing should be doing that to some degree these days; it makes sense to differentiate what a marketing technologist does above and beyond that.

He drafted a set of skills: the inner ring being what every marketing technologist should be familiar with — and proficient or expert in at least two or three of them. And then the outer ring, extrapolating more specific capabilities that they should be getting themselves familiar with.

By implementing all of the techniques in the inner ring, you can start getting the full effects out of your marketing efforts.  By learning and becoming familiar with the more technological, outside ring, you will start to really see the internal and external benefits.

Best of luck ;)



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